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For patients missing all or a full arch of teeth, a custom denture or a partial denture can be an ideal solution for their tooth replacement needs.  Traditionally, dentures were removable oral appliances that required daily maintenance and care. They were held into place using a special type of adhesive that required daily use. However, with advancements in dental care, patients with missing teeth are able to explore a wider range of treatment options than ever before.

Dr. Gianni Franceschi, DDS, FICOI offers a full range of traditional dentures and implant-supported dentures in Trinity, FL. Our goal is to help our patients look and feel their best with personalized treatment plans and high-quality dentistry. If you would like to explore your treatment options for missing teeth, visit Smiles of Trinity for a consultation.

What Are Traditional Dentures?

Traditional dentures are composed of a gum-colored base and composite acrylic teeth; they are held into place by using an adhesive that is applied on a daily basis. Many patients choose traditional dentures because they offer a simple, cost-effective solution to tooth loss.

While traditional dentures are a great way to replace a group of teeth, an entire arch of teeth, or restore both arches of teeth, it is important to note that they do not address bone loss in the jaw.

Reasons why patients choose dentures:

  • Improved chewing and speaking
  • Improved confidence
  • Restores a full mouth of missing teeth
  • Restores an arch of missing teeth
  • Improved smile
  • Minimizes the appearance of facial sagging due to tooth loss

Implant-Supported Dentures

An implant-supported denture, also known as overdentures, relies on strategically placed dental implants rather than dental adhesive. Dental implants offer added stability, strengthen, and comfort for those who need dentures. Prior to the placement of your dentures, an oral surgeon will place your implants into your jawbone. Once the implants are placed, they will require three to six months to heal. Once the implants heal, Dr. Franceschi, DDS, FICOI will place your custom denture for a long-lasting, natural-looking smile.

In many ways, an implant secured dentures offer more benefits when compared to traditional dentures or traditional dental implants. Instead of each implant secured an individual tooth root, they are used to stabilize an entire denture. In many cases, implant-supported dentures only require two or more dental implants.

Benefits of Implant Dentures:

  • Jawbone retention and health
  • Added strength and durability
  • Improves chewing function
  • Less gum irritation
  • Does not require adhesives
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and folds due to lost teeth

What to Expect During the Dentures Process

To determine if traditional or implant dentures are right for you, Dr. Franceschi, DDS, FICOI will perform a complete dental evaluation, discuss your budget, and cosmetic goals. If implant dentures are right for you, you will receive your dental implants, get fitted for your dentures, undergo the dental implants healing process, and receive your final dentures all within a span of a few months. Depending on your needs, your dentures can be clipped to a bar or snapped onto a ball attachment.

Our goal is to design and place natural-looking restorations that allow you to smile, eat, and chew comfortably again. We work with our patients on an individual basis to create comprehensive dentistry treatment plans to address their dental health needs.

Schedule Your Dentures Consultation

If you would like to learn more about partials and implant dentures visit your trusted dentist in Trinity, FL, Dr. Gianni Franceschi, DDS, FICOI. Our team is dedicated to helping our patients address their need through personalized solutions and high-quality dentistry. If you would like to explore your treatment options for missing teeth, visit Smiles of Trinity for a consultation. To schedule your appointment, call 727.376.6969 or request an appointment online.