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Missing Teeth Trinity, FL

Are you missing one or more teeth?

Visit Smiles of Trinity Family Dentistry for a one on one consultation with Dr. Gianni Franceschi, DDS, FICOI. As an experienced dentist in Trinity, FL, Dr. Franceschi, DDS, FICOI understands the importance of protecting and preserving functional, healthy teeth. Sometimes, patients experience tooth loss as a result of periodontal disease, tooth decay, or dental trauma. No matter the cause of tooth loss, it is important to replace missing teeth to restore balance and function to your smile.

At Smiles of Trinity Family Dentistry, we offer an extensive range of tooth replacement options for patients with missing teeth. During your visit to our office, we can assess your cosmetic goals and determine the health and structure of your remaining teeth to determine which tooth replacement option best suits your dental needs.

Why Should I Replace Missing Teeth?

Missing teeth are more than just a cosmetic dental concern; they can affect your ability to chew, bite, and eat comfortably. In addition, missing teeth can also lead to bone loss if left untreated. Finding the appropriate tooth replacement options will not only improve the aesthetics of your smile, but it can improve its function too.

What Are My Tooth Replacement Options?

We offer a wide range of tooth replacement options to meet the budgeting, oral health, and cosmetic needs of our patients. During your appointment, Dr. Franceschi, DDS, FICOI will examine your teeth and bone structure to determine which tooth replacement option is right for you. The type of tooth replacement you receive will depend on the number and location of your missing teeth. Your tooth replacement solution may include one of the following:

Dental Implants For Missing Teeth

Implants are small titanium post that is surgically placed in the jaw bone. Over time, they will fuse with your jaw bone and serve as a foundation for a dental crown, denture, or dental bridge. Dr. Gianni Franceschi, DDS, FICOI offers a full range of dental implant services to address your tooth replacement needs. If you would like to learn more about dental implants or determine if they are right for you, be sure to contact our dental office.

Replace Missing Teeth in Trinity, FL

We invite you to visit our Trinity dental office to explore your tooth replacement options with Dr. Franceschi, DDS, FICOI. He can work with you to determine if dental implants, dental bridges, or dentures are the right solution for you.

Our team proudly serves patients in Trinity and many local communities, including New Port Richey, Odessa, Holiday, Clearwater, Land O’ Lakes, Tampa, Spring Hill, Tarpon Springs, Port Richey, and Palm Harbor. If you would like to schedule a consultation for missing teeth, call 727.376.6969 or request an appointment online.