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Dental Concerns Trinity, FL

Understanding when to visit the dentist can help you get one step closer to a healthier smile. At Smiles of Trinity Family Dentistry, Dr. Gianni Franceschi is committed to providing comprehensive dental care to patients of all ages. Through regular exams and screenings, our team can diagnose and treat a wide range of dental concerns in the comfort of our Trinity, FL dentist office.

If you have not visited the dentist recently, or you have noticed any changes in your dental health, visit Smiles of Trinity Family Dentistry for a consultation. Our team can provide personalized treatment plans to target a wide range of dental concerns.

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Do you have bleeding gums?

Bleeding gums are sometimes an indication of gum disease. Routine screenings and regular visits to the dentist can help our team identifies symptoms like bleeding gums and determine if gum disease is present. Undergoing routine gum disease screenings and professional dental cleanings are an important part of improving your gum health and preventing gum disease.

If you are experiencing bleeding gums, schedule a gum disease screening at our Trinity dental office. During your screening, Dr. Franceschi can assess the condition of your gums and determine the stage of gum disease. We offer a full range of periodontal therapy services to address various stages of gum disease.

Do you have missing teeth?

Missing teeth can lead to bone loss and additional tooth loss if left untreated. We offer a full range of tooth replacement options in our Trinity dentist office, including dental implants, dentures, and dental bridges.

Dr. Franceschi works with our patients on an individual basis to better understand their needs and create a tooth replacement treatment plan that is right for them.

Do you grind your teeth?

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is a progressive oral health concern that can lead to worn teeth, damaged teeth, and tooth loss if left untreated.

At Smiles of Trinity Family Dentistry, Dr. Franceschi can identify signs of bruxism and build a comprehensive treatment plan based on your needs. In many cases, patients don’t realize their grind their teeth until they visit their dentist.

Do you experience regular headaches?

Did you know that regular headaches, especially in the morning, can be a sign of TMJ disorder? When the TMJ joints are unbalanced or misaligned, patients may experience symptoms such as jaw pain, headaches, and discomfort in the neck, face, and ears.

Dr. Franceschi’s advanced skill and training make him the ideal partner in your journey to a healthier smile. During your consultation, Dr. Franceschi can assess your symptoms and build a comprehensive treatment plan for TMJ disorder. The goal of treatment is to identify the root cause of your symptoms and develop a treatment plan based on your needs.

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Dr. Gianni Franceschi is an experienced and highly trained dentist in Trinity, FL. He works with patients of all ages to improve the health and function of their natural teeth. If you notice any change in your dental health, be sure to visit our dentist office for a consultation. As a premier dental office in the Trinity area, we proudly serve many local communities, including New Port Richey, Odessa, Land O’ Lakes, Tampa, Holiday, Clearwater, Spring Hill, Tarpon Springs, Port Richey, and Palm Harbor.

If you notice any changes in your dental health and would like to discuss your symptoms with an experienced dentist, visit Smiles of Trinity Family Dentistry. To schedule an appointment, call 727.376.6969 or request an appointment online.