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How to Handle a Dental Emergency

With COVID-19, many dental offices have had limited hours or have closed entirely. At Smiles of Trinity Dentistry, we’re here to take care of any dental emergencies you may have. But what’s considered a dental emergency? And what should you do if you experience one? Dr. Gianni Franceschi offers some in trinity, florida

Taking Care of a Dental Emergency

If you experience a dental emergency, the first thing you should do is call our office immediately. We want to make sure you get taken care of right away. Below are some common dental emergencies and what you can do until you’re able to be seen in the office.

Severe Tooth Pain

Tooth pain is never something that you should just let go, particularly if it’s very sharp and sudden. Your pain could be caused by any number of issues. These include tooth decay, an abscess, or an infection. In most cases, you won’t be able to tell the exact cause of your pain until a dentist is able to examine it. Take over the counter pain medicine to help with pain and use a cold compress if you experience any swelling.

Knocked-Out Tooth

Your first reaction may be panic if an adult tooth is knocked out of your mouth. However, it’s important to try to stay calm and retrieve the tooth. Pick it up by the crown and avoid touching the tooth root at all. Gently rinse off any dirt and debris that have accumulated on the tooth, but don’t scrub. Place the tooth in a cup of milk or your own saliva to try and preserve the tooth. Don’t try to put the tooth back in your socket by yourself.

Bring the tooth with you to your appointment. Dr. Franceschi will analyze the tooth and determine if it’s suitable to be put back in your smile. If not, there’s no reason to worry. Our office offers many replacement options for missing teeth. In particular, we recommend dental implants. They’re the most natural and stable form of tooth replacement.

Chipped, Cracked, or Broken Teeth

A chipped tooth can just be small and cosmetic. But when it’s bigger than that, it can be a problem. A severe chip or break of your tooth can expose the pulp and nerves inside your tooth. This can cause you a lot of pain and this isn’t an area that you want exposed to.

For a severe crack, this leaves an opening for bacteria to get inside your tooth. This can cause an infection of the dental pulp, leading to the need for a root canal or tooth extraction, depending on the severity. Any of these happenings can also make it difficult to eat and do other normal tasks.

Your Dentist in Trinity, Florida

If you have any of these dental emergencies, call us immediately. We’ll also be here for you after the pandemic is over. It’ll be important to get a checkup and see how the stress of the pandemic has impacted your smile. Call us or schedule an appointment online!